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Monday, November 23, 2015

ZDS : Zombie Defense Simulation by Alexander Finch Kickstarter #zombies

from ZDS : Zombie Defense Simulation by Alexander Finch — Kickstarter:

What will the game be like?

This will be a zombie defense game unlike anything on the market today. This game will focus on merging a survival simulator with a zombie defense game. The game will be a First Person Shooter with aspects of Real Time Strategy thrown in. Some of the core aspects of the game will be:

1. Building and maintaining defenses against un-dead hordes

2. Recruiting survivors

3. Managing supplies (food, water, ammo, etc...)

However I want the community to be heavily involved in the game's creation. Anyone who has a valid contribution to the game can email the developers at zdsdevs@gmail.com. The game will be community driven. This will allow us to provide the perfect game for the consumer. The core of the game will stay the same, however additional features will be added as development goes on.

Where is the money going?

All contributions will go to the purchase of assets and additional code necessary to make the game. The majority of the work and capital for the game will be provided by me. However, some advanced skills are required for some of the game's features. The game will be created with the Unity 5 engine and assets. This will allow us to provide a high quality product for a low price.

My Personal Story

I am a life-long gamer and computer nerd. In particular, I have been fascinated with zombies game and movies. However I have never seen a zombie game that has brought together the themes of realism and zombie lore well. Many games have come close to this idea, but ultimately have not delivered. I aim to bring the Max brooks zombie to the video game world.

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