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Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Reminder To Feminists And SJWs Defending The New GHOSTBUSTERS Film #Ghostbusters plz RT

Ladies and gentlemen, lets take a trip in the Wayback Machine to 2011. A reboot/remake/re-whatever of the classic 80's horror film The Thing was on the horizon. Horror fans were skeptical. The Thing is a cult classic. Could a reboot be as remotely good? Or, at least not a piece of garbage? Then, the trailer came out. Feminists praised it because of a female lead. And anyone who doubted it was branded a misogynistic hater. Then the film came out... suddenly a eerie silence fell over the progressive community. The film was nothing but garbage. No longer the champion of progressive values. Now we have a new Ghostbusters film on the way. Another reboot of a 80's cult classic. And people who are not wetting their pants over the trailer (a trailer that looks like garbage IMHO) are being labeled misogynistic haters. I have the strangest sensation of déjà vu.

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