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Monday, October 26, 2015

Countdown To Halloween: The Evictors (1979) #Horror #Halloween

The Evictors 1979 FULL MOVIE VHS rip - YouTube:

This terrifying thriller stars the late VIC MORROW (THE TWILIGHT ZONE-THE MOVIE), MICHEAL PARKS ( TV'S "Then Came Bronson"), and JESSICA HARPER (MY FAVORITE YEAR) as three innocent victims caught up in the horror surrounding an abandoned farmhouse in a small Louisiana town. It all began years ago, when the descendants of the original owners fought a bloody battle to prevent foreclosure on the property.They were never seen again, but their oath that no one would ever live in their house had led to a startling chain of events. Years later, the Watkins (PARKS and HARPER) discover the first brutal murders. In a panic, they buy firearms to protect themselves-but nothing seems to keep out the revengeful spirits. And now, a new family wants the farmhouse. Despite the horrible tales surrounding the property, they are adamant. New owners for the Louisiana farmhouse...new targets for revenge...for nothing can keep out THE EVICTORS!

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