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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Check out the Full Moon Streaming Relaunch! #horror

From the Press Release:

Producer Charles Band and Full Moon Features announced today the relaunch of Full Moon Streaming! The newly invigorated and fully loaded, global movie streaming network specializing in horror, cult, science fiction, fantasy, and infamously deranged films has been revamped, expanded, and is now ready to be enjoyed by fans around the world.

The official relaunch date is Wednesday, March 2nd, and as a special incentive, when you subscribe for 1 year, you’ll get a FREE $50 GIFT Certificate code and 6 Full Moon DVDs or Blu-rays of your choice!

Streaming is no longer just the future… it is the present.

Forget Netflix; the new Full Moon Streaming will give viewers around the world the ability to enjoy hundreds of unique and weird films simultaneously and On Demand… movies you won’t find ANYWHERE else. Watch what YOU want, whenever you want, wherever you are, and on whatever device YOU choose.

FullMoonStreaming.com is not only the logical extension of maverick filmmaker and distributor Charles Band’s legendary Full Moon Features studio, but also comes stocked with other genre-bending movies and imprints, including dozens of rare Euro-horror, Giallo, cult, fantasy, and exploitation films. You will be able to stream films from international cult film label Blue Underground, celebrated grindhouse staple Something Weird Video, filmmaker Joe (GREMLINS) Dante’s ongoing series “Trailers from Hell,” as well as Band’s own various imprints, like the iconic Wizard Video, Full Moon’s Grindhouse, family-friendly Moonbeam Entertainment, erotic fantasy label Surrender Cinema, and much, much more!

To sign up and join the party, go to Full Moon Streaming and subscribe today!

And remember… subscribe for an entire year at FullMoonStreaming.com and you will get a FREE $50 GIFT CARD good for any merchandise from the Full Moon store.

Here are some of the exciting new features you’ll find on the new and improved Full Moon Streaming:

More Amazing Content – More movies! More behind-the-scenes videos! More vid-casts! More featurettes! And Full Moon’s groundbreaking Videzone episodes!

New Categories – All content is now easier to find and placed into categories and sub-categories for easier access. You can now choose from categories such as Full Moon Classics, Recent Releases, Creatures & Monsters, and Grindhouse, making it easier to find all the content you are in the mood for.

Wizard Studios – A new imprint that showcases new features and shorts from some of the planet’s most interesting independent filmmakers. You’ll also get the signature classics from Wizard’s early glory days.

Full Moon’s Grindhouse – A label with dozens of films such as DREAMANIAC, ZAMBO, FRAULEIN DEVIL, and more!

Blue Underground – Offering some of the greatest Euro-Trash, Eurotica, and cult classics in HD.

Something Weird Video – A library filled with greasy gems from the “Godfather of Gore” HG Lewis, sleazy gems from Doris Wishman, and more naughty gems!

Jess Franco Collection – Classic erotic horror and exploitation films from the likes of Jess Franco (THE GIRL FROM RIO, SUCCUBUS).

Moonbeam Entertainment – Offers plenty of charming fantasy films for children of every age including MAGIC ISLAND, REMOTE, DRAGONWORLD, and more!

Trailers from Hell – A video series by Joe Dante (The Howling, Gremlins). Famous directors (and friends of Dante) talk about some of their favorite horror movies. It is now recognized as one of the most unique cinema-centric video series of all time and features the likes of Guillermo Del Toro, John Landis, Eli Roth, Roger Corman, and dozens more.

Delirium Magazine – The acclaimed new print magazine published by Charles Band and curated by former FANGORIA editor-in-chief Chris Alexander. Here you’ll find an endless array of amazing, exclusive features, interviews, and art charting horror film history, present and future.

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