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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

BananaLaser Episode 55 Rollin’ Through the ’70s: Alice Sweet Alice #horror

from BananaLaser Episode #55 Rollin’ Through the ’70s: Alice Sweet Alice - Horrorphilia:

BananaLaser Episode #55 Rollin’ Through the ’70s: Alice Sweet Alice

The ’70s have never been THIS sweet! On this episode we have a review of Alice, Sweet Alice from 1976. Check the time stamp below for the spoilers if you haven’t seen the flick. Also Dave Z sparks a debate on which decade has more quality horror films? The 1970s or the 2000s? Plus the episode ends with a very important discussion about the future of the BananaLaser Podcast that can’t be missed by any Laser. Come to our Facebook group page for further discussion. Thanks for listening!

00:00 – 3:15


03:15 – 36:39

’70s vs. ’00s Which is the better decade in horror? You might be surprised.


39:25 – 45:00

Another episode of That ’70s Lounge

45:00 – 01:16:16

Spoiler Free Review of Alice Sweet Alice

01:16:16 – 01:43:06

Spoiler Filled Review of Alice Sweet Alice

01:45:35 – 03:41:42

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT concerning the changes to the show in the future! THANK YOU FOR LISTENING LASERATION!!

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