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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Horror 101 – Episode 49: Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator #Horror

from horror101.ca-

"Just in time for Christmas! Welcome back to the Horror 101 podcast! We always say that 1985 was the most entertaining year for horror. And Re-Animator is certainly NO exception. When you have Stuart Gordon directing a Brian Yuzna film starring Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton, you cannot do wrong. Based off a Lovecraft story of science run amok, Re-Animator is a pioneering zany gore flick which has something for everyone. The horror effects are stunning, the acting is excellent. The attention to detail by the crew that made this film was second to none. This was the movie that put Jeffrey Combs on the map. If you’ve never seen him as Herbert West then you’re missing out. We dare you to find another flick made for under a million dollars thats as good as Re-Animator. After a somber year of memorial Horror 101 shows we decided to push the camp and laughs this time around and we couldn’t find a better film to focus on to achieve that than Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator. Its a 37 minute Horror 101 treatment of another classic you shouldn’t miss! Join us!"

check it out-

Horror 101 – Episode 49: Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator » Horror 101:

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