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Friday, November 6, 2015

I'm secretly two midgets in a trench coat. Thoughts On AlisonPrime. plz RT

In case you missed it, Twitter user and #GamerGate supporter AlisonPrime was exposed as a man this week. This happened in the midst of a fundraiser after "Alison's" home burned down. This is the second time "Alison" has had a fundraiser. He had another one when his father passed away. Now, these events did happen. So, it's not exactly a scam as some people are saying. However this does show that "Alison" has proved that they are a dishonest person. So it's understandable that people think this was all a huge scam. Also it hurts others who try to do fundraisers online. I myself have been planing on doing a Kickstarter to raise funds for my Youtube series and blog. Not sure if I should even try now due to so many people in #GamerGate being paranoid about people pulling scams. And on top of that it damages #GamerGate's cause. Anti-GG now has a great example to point at and call us sock puppets and scammers.

You can read a post by "Alison" regarding all this here-

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