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Monday, November 16, 2015

BananaLaser Episode 54 Halloween Returns: Part 3 #horror

from BananaLaser Episode #54 Halloween Returns: Part 3 | Horrorphilia:

BananaLaser Episode #54 Halloween Returns: Part 3

Hello LaserNation! It’s October, It’s Halloween and we are fanboys. On this episode of BL, we get into some serious discussions on the film franchise Halloween.

Now, I know what you are asking, “Hey didn’t you do a retrospective on the series two years ago?” or “What’s left to be said? I think you guys covered it.” or “BananaLaser is completely uncreative. They only talk about the same things! UNSUBSCRIBE!!”

Well, you aren’t wrong. We did cover the entire series, we did talk about these films at length & we are uncreative assholes!

So here it is. More discussion about the TV cuts for parts 1 & 2 and if they are better or worse. Dave & Matt revisited the Producer’s Cut of H6 and maybe have a change of heart on which is better. We also touch on which entry in the series is the last to have the ‘Carpenter Feel’.

But that’s not all. We also do a Non Spoiler Review of All Hallows Eve 2! The new anthology film for the season. Well, one of the, anyway.

‘Happy Halloween Lasers!!’ -Father Mahoney


03:02 – 44:53
Intro & we dive further into the TV cuts of Halloween 1 & 2

47:04 – 57:06

Halloween 6 The Producer’s Cut. Dave & Matt rematched it and maybe have a change of opinion on which is the better version.


01:00:00 – 01:13:03

Which film in the Halloween franchise is the final film to have the ‘classic’ feel?

01:13:49 – 01:18:35

All Saint’s Day, All Hallows Eve & Devil’s Night. What’s the difference? Plus Who killed Brandon Lee


01:19:38 – 01:58:06

Review of the new anthology All Hallows Eve 2. Spoiler Free. Peel it back? Or Stick it up your crack?

More Halloween Goodness! On October 31st, Check out a new episode of the Skeleton Crew with a review of All Hallow’s Eve.

Thanks for listening!

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