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Thursday, November 12, 2015

1979 Invasion Earth - Retro Arcade Game by Jonathan Hirst Kickstarter Campaign plz RT

from 1979 Invasion Earth - Retro Arcade Game by Jonathan Hirst — Kickstarter:

Yep, you have read it correctly, a £1 kickstarter campaign.

If one person pledges a pound I will finish this game. If not, I will still finish this game.

I won't beat around the bush, this kickstarter campaign is about raising the profile of my game and helping it get Greenlit on Steam, and in return you get to receive a copy of the game for one pound. I plan to sell it for £1.99.

If you would like to help me out but don't want to pledge money, a Yes Vote on Steam would help get the game on there and you get a massive thank you from me for that alone.

The link to Steam (also get to see more of the game in action) is http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=548739790

Why I'm making this game?

As an Indie game developer I sit, ponder and think what game I should make. I wanted to make a game that was for me, and obviously one for anybody who wanted to play it at a price that wouldn't break any bodies bank account.

So after long and careful thought, I decided I wanted to make an arcade game that was just casual, and you could play and put down and play again, no matter how many times you had played it. You don't tend to get that with the modern games nowadays (not that they aren't good), but it had to be something that I wanted to play, first and foremost.

The very first video game I had ever played was way back in 1979, called Space Invaders (you might of heard of it). I was totally blown away by it. To me the Earth was being invaded by aliens and I was defending it, I even sometimes felt a little sorry for the aliens getting shot. But that game lead me to a life long passion of playing and creating video games.

As a child a few years later, i was extremely fortunate, after a lot of begging and promises like "it will help me do my homework" to get a ZX81 with no games. My father had bought me a computer, and as far as he was concerned, what did I need games for. This was a computer for my homework... doh!! Fortunately for me this computer came with a built in programming language and we had magazines with bug ridden code for games to type out. This in turn, sent me on a path that I have loved ever since. I'm doing something that has been a child hood passion. I'm creating games.

Anyway back to this project.

So you may remember I said "I sat, pondered and thought" what to make, well it dawned on me, I have never ever made a game remotely like space invaders. It was my favourite game as a child. I had a little LED version of it (now that was some time ago). So I spent a little time planning out what I was going to do and here we are now, a few weeks later.

The title of the game "1979 Invasion Earth" was easy to come up with. That was the year to me as a child the earth was invaded by aliens. That was the year I first played any video game. This was going to be my homage to one of the greatest arcade games ever, and I was going to do it justice.

So i have sat, studied and played Space Invaders a lot recently. I have included in my version all that made this game good, but with quite a bit more added, but at the same time without making it too different from a classic space invaders.

So what is different in "1979 Invasion Earth" compared with "Space Invaders"?

The first thing is all the graphics have been made by myself. Not the greatest graphics in the world, but none the less they are better than most Space Invader remakes, and they are in High Definition.

Secondly the music included in the game is absolutly brilliant and original, made by Morten Barfod Søegaard, from Little Robot Sound Factory www.littlerobotsoundfactory.com

There will be around 60 levels to play and there are roughly 60 alien invaders. The AI (artificial intelligence) in the aliens adapts to your gameplay ensuring that this game remains challenging, and fun, and when you complete a level, you have a sense of achievement. There are numerous pickups, ranging from weapon upgrades, which you may need to help get you through a level, or pick ups that take you to secret levels.

Also there are bonus levels spread throughout the game, where you can gain extra lives or increase your score.

Another little extra that no other "Space Invader" styled game as, is little humans running around the bottom of the screen, getting shot by the aliens. At the end of every level you receive 500 points for every human that survives. And this will come into it's own when your trying to get a high score. The quicker you complete a level, the more humans (statistically) will survive.

This game is based on Space Invaders, but its been completely re-written from scratch and has features that are completely different.

Thanks for taking the time and reading this..

Risks and challenges

All pledgers will receive the game in January 2016, if not before. The game is nearly completed anyway. The truth of the matter is that this kickstarter campaign is more about raising the awareness of this game and getting it greenlit on steam, and in return you can get a copy for half price.

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