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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Support The Elly PriZeMaN Indiegogo Campaign plz RT

from Creating more awesome, quality and funky clothing | Indiegogo:

Short Summary
I started off as a girl with a hobby as I wanted to start making my own clothing. My style is quite unique and I struggled to find clothes to fit me and that I liked 100%. I taught myself to sew and soon started making clothes for my friends as well. Things took a turning point in my life when one of my closest friends wore a birthday gift I had made him on a very important day in his career which caused what is referred to as #shirtstorm.

The original shirt I made for him was featured in the press around the world and has since been on several TV shows. From that point forward my humble hobby was turned into a career that I was passionate about after receiving global support and encouragement from you!

To say I have been surprised by the media and celebrity attention would be the understatement of the year! To see your creations being discussed on some of the biggest TV shows and by some of the biggest celebrity names both in the UK and even Hollywood… well, it’s mindblowing!

I have since quit my day job to fulfil all the requests sent to me. It was heart warming to hear that so many people wanted to buy my clothing to support my friend and I by wanting to wear these all over the world in solidarity! Of course, it’s still early days for me as far as my business goes, but I’m learning as I go and enjoying every minute.

What I Need & What You Get
After a LOT of consideration I decided to make the leap and invest every penny I had (as well as some financial help from the family!) making my own clothing range as the demand was so huge to recreate this item.
I did also produce a few other shirts in other pin up fabrics.

I would like to turn the focus away from it being associated with Dr Taylor and the comet landing and grow it in a different direction.

My commissions get so much attention and I am often asked to reproduce them but as a sole seamstress my workload is overwhelming to say the least!

I need help so I can buy in a variety of interesting and different fabrics as well as investing in some manufacturing so I can lower my prices and offer much more choice on my website.

I also need support with managing my hectic social media pages and admin. As one woman alone I just can't meet all of this demand and want to be able to supply to the demand so that it is readily available!

I have learnt so much in the past 11 months and I really want to grow this. As well as making it more accessible and affordable to the public it also gives me a chance to grow my celebrity client base.

I have also recently been talking to a very well known comic artist about producing our very own completely exclusive fabric that NO one else will have and really want to make this happen!
I have so many plans and visions to expand this already amazing business! There is huge potential and a huge following!

I would like to have my items manufactured in the UK so I am supporting good ethical companies and able to maintain strict quality control.

I would also LOVE to bring out a kids range with some awesome comic style shirts and shorts. I get asked so much about kids stuff but just don't have the capacity to give it a try!

You can see the famous shirt and my customer gallery at www.ellyprizeman.com

I really would love for everyone to be able to have an 'Elly Prizeman' in their collection!

Even if I don't reach my total goal ALL of the funding will STILL go into bulk fabric buying and as much manufacturing as I can so I can still offer things readily for the demand.

It has also been spoken about creating the Vivian James hoodie. I have already researched some fabric with the help of a friend and am hoping to invest some of the funding into creating this item due to the large interest in this recently which I am happy to fulfill.
The Impact
I managed to use all of my savings and some help financially from my family to launch #shirtstorm and provide everyone with unique quality replica shirts of the famous one I originally made for Dr. Taylor.
I have survived on this for nearly a year but I am always just treading water!

I have some amazing customers whether they are celebrities or not and I want to be able to offer so much more than I currently do.

I want to be able to enhance everyone's awesomeness by making some super interesting and head turning clothing.
I already get told the clothing I do provide makes people proud to wear it and I would like to continue to make you feel that way!
I would like my clothing to be a bit more affordable which is why I need to look at manufacturing now cause the volume is just too much!

I have managed to turn my humble hobby into a globally known and sought after product and it can only get bigger!

Risks & Challenges
I managed to set up my entire business from nothing in only 10 weeks after the global fame and demand.
I have spent the last year doing some research and making some great contacts to help me to have a whole range of quality, designer clothing without burning myself out.

I have learnt to try and take a bit more time over how I structure things and where I go for advice and services.

I also learnt that I over ordered fabric and over produced the amount of shirts. Even though the demand was huge I still over-estimated.
This means I will order smaller quantities as I would rather re-order more regularly than be stuck with excess fabric or stock. It also keeps things a bit more exclusive!

I have done a lot more market research on prices and how other companies create clothing lines so I now know HOW to move it forward I just need help.
I am learning new things every week and any input you have is welcomed!

Time constraints on getting things bought, shipped and then made will take a few weeks from start to finish but I will continue to keep you updated on progress so you can see what is being done and then the grand reveal will happen when it is done!

Other Ways You Can Help
If you could help by sharing on all of your social networks I would be so grateful!

This needs to happen! I get so many compliments on my work but it needs to be bigger, more affordable and more choice! Especially with my high profile clients growing in number too! I just can't keep up!

Please donate as much as you can and share, share, SHARE!
Even it is £1 it counts! I promise to deliver some amazing items for your help!

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