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Friday, October 2, 2015

Observer Reporter Brady Dale Lead A Year Long Smear Campaign On Twitter plz RT

So by now you probably know about Observer reporter Brady Dale, and his major fowl up of linking a hack of Patreon on #GamerGate. Rather than apologize, he wrote a follow up article-


But, as one Twitter user pointed out- "Only people interested in reading updates/corrections are those who were smeared. Damage is done."

Only problem is, this was no error. Thanks to archive Tweets from Brady Dale reveal he has been hostile to #GamerGate for nearly a year.

Brady Dale's "mistake" was clearly a orchestrated conspiracy to smear #GamerGate than claim harassment when people pointed out his outrageously bad reporting.

I'm sure we will see him giving a tearful speech at the next xoxofest.

Another mediocre journalist hits the SJW lotto. Can't wait to see him start a Patreon campaign.

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