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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Miiverse Spook-Out Challenge #Halloween

from Miiverse - Amy's post | Nintendo:

Happy early Halloween, monsters!

Tom and I are super excited to celebrate Halloween with you all again :)

Starting today, we’re having lots of Halloween-themed events here!

We’re staring the event with this challenge called…
“Miiverse SPOOK-OUT Challenge!”

Find a spooky scene from your favorite games and change your profile image!

1.Take a spooky or scary screenshot of any games that you’re playing.
2.Post a screenshot to Play Journal of the community of the game you played.
3.Select the wrench icon in your post to access the Edit Post menu.
4.Select “Set Screenshot as Favorite Post”
5.Locate this post and make a comment for why you select the scene for Halloween!

Please let us know in the comments by Monday 9AM PT on 10/26 if you participated. We’ll highlight some scary Halloween posts here!

I’ll also look for a spooky screenshot and update my profile later!

I cannot wait to see your spooky new profile picture!

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