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Monday, October 19, 2015

Countdown To Halloween: Murder In Space (1985) #Halloween #Horror

Murder In Space 1985 TV Movie FULL MOVIE VHS rip - YouTube:

Welcome to Cthutube's 5th annual Countdown to Halloween! Join us for daily doses of macabre fun as we take a look at spooky movie trailers, podcasts, and a lot more!


At the edge of the universe... In the dark recesses of space... You can get away with anything. Or can you?

You're about to crack the most bizarre case in the history of investigation~but it won't involve the FBI,Scotland Yard or Interpol. This killer is stalking the corridors of the Conestoga~the firs internationally-manned flight to Mars~and no crime on Earth can rival MURDER IN SPACE!

Suggestive of such classic thrillers as "And Then There Where None" and"Murder On The Orient Express," the high-tension astral environment takes on a sinister ambience when a beautiful cosmonaut dies under mysterious circumstances. The subsequent autopsy reveals that she was not only murdered, but two months pregnant as well... As Mission Control desperately tries to avoid international crisis, three more astronauts meet violent ends. And when the remaining crew members board a shuttle bound for Earth, they know all too well that there's at least one murderer among them~and that he or she will strike again!

Join Wilford Brimley ("Cocoon"), Martin Balsam ("Psycho"), Aurthur Hill ("The Andromeda Strain") and Michael Ironside ("TOP Gun") for an extraterrestrial whodunit that will keep you guessing right up to the surprising climax. Crime on Earth won't be te same after you've solved a MURDER IN SPACE!

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