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Monday, October 26, 2015

Countdown To Halloween: The Demon (1981) #Horror #Halloween

The Demon 1981 FULL MOVIE VHS rip - YouTube:

Shattering screams pierce the stillness of a country night as the residents of a small community become prey of a possessed, demon-like maniac. Something inhuman terrorizes the countryside, waiting to strike at its next chosen victim.

The Parkers suffer the agony of seeing their only daughter carried off into the night by the unexplicable outline of the unknown horror. They enlist the he of a retired Marine corporal (Cameron Mitchell) blessed with the gift of ESP, to help locate their child. Nevertheless, the overwrought father dismisses all warnings and searches for his daughter in an abandoned hotel believed to be a hideout for the demon.In a fierce confrontation with the horrifyingly inhuman abductor, Parker dies a gruesome death.

Next the demon chooses to "shadow" Mary Jones, The new school teacher.Mary's uneasiness turns to terror when she returns home to find her cousin and a friend cruelly murdered. Panic-stricken, she tries to get out of the house only to find all the doors locked behind her, the key missing.

She has little time to think, no time to waste, in her frenzied fight to survive.

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