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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Chris Kluwe: The Pedodile Punter Will Have SJWs Outraged. plz RT

A parody book of former NFL player and SJW troll Chris Kluwe is now on Amazon!

From the author-

TRIGGER WARNING for the differently intelligent: This work is a PARODY of public figure Chris Kluwe, in response to public statements he has made, written under the pseudonym "Chris Kramer Kluwe" and not work by Kluwe himself.

Chris Kramer Kluwe, who has been possibly the best punter in the history of the Minnesota Vikings, and perhaps the NFL, is now a player on a different field, and punts for a new team! As a proud Social Justice Warrior (SJW) and gamer, Mr. Kluwe finds himself fighting the hateful forces of #GamerGate in defense of a person falsely* accused, and falsely self-admitted as a pedophile - prominent anti-GamerGate activist Sarah Nyberg. In this hard-hitting book, Mr. Kluwe strikes back, punting for Ms. Nyberg and all not-pedophiles everywhere.

Mr. Kluwe himself likens it to defending endangered wildlife - but in this case an endangered species of misunderstood human he calls the Pedodile. Welcome to his adventures as the Pedodile Punter!

*We and Mr. Kluwe do not consider multiple archived forum conversations, website comments, domain registrations, or public records - any of which could by easily falsified by a vast, shadowy conspiracy, to be 'evidence'.

Get it here-

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