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Thursday, October 15, 2015

BananaLaser Episode 03 Uncle Sam #Horror

From BananaLaser Episode #03 Uncle Sam | Horrorphilia:

Drop your socks and grab your … Earbuds!!

Happy Independence Day!!! Or is it Happy Fourth of July!!!? Bananalaser is
back with a holiday special for when you are lounging by the pool,
grilling, and lets not forget … Drinking!

The Boys have a review of Uncle Sam! The classic (?) from 1996 about a
zombie (?) war vetern who just happens to be named Sam, have a nephew and
dress as Uncle Sam himself.

Will they guys like this? Will they recommend it? Who knows?!! One thing is
for sure, You are going to have a blast!

So grab a banana and a sparkler, and ENJOY!!

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