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Friday, September 4, 2015

Dear Kotaku, Please Stop Ruining Everything #Splatoon

As a gamer and free speech advocate I have a lot of crap giving me stress as of late. Thankfully, I have my Wii U to take my mind off things. I got the Wii U for two reasons. To play retro games, and to play Splatoon. Splatoon has become one of my favorite games of all time. And, is hands down, the best game of 2015! Nintendo has actually made a shooter that is appropriate for the entire family! I can't praise this game enough!

So of course Kotaku want's to ruin it!

Kotaku is trying to claim Splatoon players fear and hate Japanese players because they are so good at the game. Bullshit. I have played over 250 hours of the game and have not noticed Japanese players being any better or worse than other players. I have never noticed anyone within the Splatoon community say anything like what Kotaku is claiming. This is yet another pathetic attempt by Kotaku to make controversy when there is none.

Kotaku pissed me off enough by showing support for a child predator this week (yeah, seriously), and now they are fucking with the game I play to escape stress (stress caused mostly by Kotaku).

Seriously Kotaku, go to hell.

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