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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Countdown to Halloween: Drawing Blood #Halloween #horror

Drawing Blood - YouTube:

Welcome to Cthutube's 5th annual Countdown to Halloween! Join us for daily doses of macabre fun as we take a look at spooky movie trailers, podcasts, and a lot more!


Directed by Sergio Lapel (1999)
Starring Kirk Wilson, Larry Palatta, Dawn Spinella, Leo Otero, Erin Smith, Amie Childers

The Troma Team is proud to present SERGIO LAPEL'S DRAWING BLOOD, the hair-raising vampire horror story that'll run a stake through your chest and break your heart in two! Edmond is a distraught artist who struggles not only with inner demons tormenting his soul, but outer demons set on destroying him. Edmond's biggest mistake was falling in love with the gorgeous painter Diana...who just happens to be a vampire. Diana likes to draw nude models -- while drinking their blood -- and this gorrific practice sets off a lusty relationship with Edmond. Its undead love: she claims he doesn't have a heart, and he knows she doesn't have a soul!
But when the sexy, syringe-toothed Diana decides she wants a long-term commitment (like forever), Edmond gets cold feet. He likes being mortal. Diana makes Edmond an offer he can't refuse: bring her models for her upcoming art show or she'll kill him. Now a mortal slave, Edmond loses his mind bringing doomed female objects du art to Diana until he meets Dee, a homeless prostitute that could be the key to ending this insane bloodlust. So if you have a scarf, wear it; if you have two hands, cover your eyes; if you have a funny bone, get ready to be tickled, and remember: blood is thicker than water-color!

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