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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Word Of Warning To The SJW Community plz RT

Today I saw this on Tumblr-

"I don’t know if the claims that Sarah “srhbutts” Nyberg is a pedophile or not. But I personally don’t trust GamerGate as far as I can throw them.

I’ve seen them manipulate tweets to make Anita seem like she was saying Iwata’s death was a victory for Feminism. GamerGate will stand at nothing to make shit up.

Now on the other hand I don’t personally know Sarah. It could be true it could not. I’m going to stay at the sidelines but there’s a lot of ways this could turn. "

This is what I said back-

"First of all it was proved that the Iwata Tweet was made by a prankster who was trying to get #GamerGate to attack Anita. Second, #GamerGate actually debunked that tweet before Anita or anyone else knew about it! Just like #GamerGate found out who was behind the anti-Anita posters at E3. Guess what? It wasn’t #GamerGate. It was anouther pranking group who wanted to stir up trouble. So, since it’s clear you are completely ignorant of these facts, please think twice before you open your mouth again. You are just embarrassing yourself."

So SJW community, even though I love watching you humiliate yourselves, I urge you to please do research before you open your mouth on the internet.

But if SJWs did research and fact checking there would be no SJWs.

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