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Monday, July 20, 2015

'This is the year Brianna Wu hit rock bottom' - Jul. 20, 2015 plz RT

So. I saw an interesting tweet today that took me to a article on CNN Money. see it here-

'This is the year technology hit rock bottom' - Jul. 19, 2015:

The title should read- 'This is the year Brianna Wu hit rock bottom'

In the last few months the Anti-#GamerGate mob have suffered crippling losses. Brianna Wu, has probably been hit the worst. She was caught red handed using a sock puppet account to harass herself. She wrote an article about harassment she claimed she received and about how the police were doing nothing to help her. After supporters flooded the office of Ron O’Brien, prosecuting attorney for Columbus, Ohio, with phone calls and letters demanding the police take action, it was found out Wu lied about contacting the police and FBI and NEVER filed a report with them. This led to Ron O’Brien making a public statement that Wu had wasted public time and resources by making this false claim. This was likely tens of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money. I will not even go into the recent Playboy article controversy. Needless to say, Brianna Wu has made a fortune cashing in on the people who still believe her lies.

That is the message CNN is sending. There is big bucks in being a victim. The problem is, Brianna Wu is not a victim. She is a con artist. She has invented a harassment campaign to pull at the heart strings of SJWs so they could donate money to her and she could become famous. It is, a smart move my her. She is a mediocre game developer who discovered how to become wealthy without even trying.

So yes. She deserves to be on CNN Money. And eventually on Court TV, when she is finally on trial for fraud.

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