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Friday, October 23, 2015

“Not So Evil” Sidecast 25 English Not Required #horror

from “Not So Evil” Sidecast #25 English Not Required | Horrorphilia:

Welcome back to the monthly sidecast.

Thank you everyone for being so patient with us getting the latest episode released. It seemed like this was the one that would just not allow the four of us to get together to record, however after a lot of re-scheduling and delays it finally happened. We are discussing four movies that were box office hits in their home countries but barely a blip on the radar in the United States. Is it the language barrier? The themes? The cultural aspects? All of the above? None of the Above? Find out what we have to say on the matter as we get into, God of Cookery, The Intouchables, House At The End of Time, and Breakup Buddies. We also get a special announcement from Jeffrey X Martin on this episode that could rock the podcasting world……(or at least a tiny sliver of it). Enjoy the show!

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